Owls Mirror

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Our friendly family of owls will nest happily on your wall!

This fantastic wall mirror adds a stylish touch to any child’s bedroom, and makes a creative, unique gift which is sure to be admired. 

  • Before fixing the mirror to the wall or surface, make sure it is clean, dry and at room temperature - between 18C and 35C.
  • Please allow several weeks before fixing to a newly painted wall.
  • Carefully remove the protective film that is on the mirror surface, do not use anything sharp as this could scratch the mirror.
  • Place the mirror face down on a soft surface and position the adhesive pads evenly to allow the best contact.
  • For the best results, the wall surface should be even and smooth. Use a soft cloth when placing the mirror on the wall, firmly press against the pads for at least 60 seconds for maximum hold.
  • If you need to remove the pads this will likely remove paint from the wall.

Cleaning Your Mirror: 

  • Use a soft cloth and anti static polish / cleaner
  • Please do not use a solvent based cleaner or glass cleaner as this could mark the mirror.

Package Contains: 

  • Mirror
  • Instructions
  • Sticky Pads

May Not be Suitable For Small Children

May Contain Small Parts


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